Tank-wagon type 15-1208 for the pentane transportation
(ordered by ╬└╬ źSG-Trans╗)
Tank-wagon type 15-1229 for the propane transportation
(ordered by ╬└╬ ź SG-Trans ╗)
Tank-wagon type 15-1221 for the aviation fuel and mineral oil transportation
(ordered by Z└╬ źYUKOS╗)
Tank-wagon type 15-9740 for the mineral oil transportation
(ordered by └╬ źEVRZ╗ (Georgia)
Hopper type 19-9741 for the granulated sulfur transportation
(ordered by ╬└╬ źGazprom╗)
Hopper type 19-9734 for the mineral fertilizer and crop transportation
(ordered by ╬└╬ źRuzkhimmash╗)
Hopper for mineral fertilizers
(ordered by BMZ)
Implementation of the production of the gondola types 12-132 and 12-1505
(ordered by ╬└╬ źAVZ╗ (Kazakhstan),
(ordered by ╬└╬ Ruzkhimmash)
Flat car type 13-5001 for the large-capacity containers and wheeled vehicles transportation (40 feet)
(ordered by ╬└╬ źRuzkhimmash╗)
Flat car for the large-scale containers transportation (80 feet)
(ordered by ╬└╬ źRusskaya troyka╗)
All-purpose gondola type 12-1293
(ordered by ╬└╬ źRuzkhimmash╗)
Gondola type 12-532 overhaul with life extension
(ordered by Z└╬ źVelikoluksky LVRZ╗)
Tank wagons types 15-Í862, 15-1424 overhaul with life extension and their reequipment for the oleum transportation
(ordered by ╬└╬ źShchyokinazot╗,
ordered by Z└╬ MHK źEvrokhim╗)
Tank wagons types 15-Í862, 15-1454 overhaul with life extension and their reequipment for the methanol transportation
(ordered by ╬└╬ ź Shchyokinazot ╗,
ordered by ╬└╬ NAKźAZOT╗)
Tank-wagon type 15-Í862 overhaul with life extension and its reequipment for the sulphuric acid transportation
(ordered by ╬└╬ ź Shchyokinazot ╗)
Tank-wagon type 15-1443 reequipment for the methanol transportation
(ordered by ╬└╬ RZD Roslavl VRZ)
Boxcar for the transportation of the packed goods requiring protection against atmospheric precipitates
(ordered by Z└╬ źEvrosib ľ ĎĐ╗)
Flat car for the solid-rolled wheels transportation
(ordered by ╬└╬ źRZD╗)
Bottom outlet valve
(in cooperation with Midland Corp. (USA)
Three closure bottom outlet valve
(in cooperation with ╬└╬ źDimitrovgradkhimmash╗)

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