Production Service organises execution of all types of railcar repair and modernisation of different complexity at private repair enterprises and at those ones of Russian Railways JSC. Repair and modernisation works may be carried out in accordance with the requirements to technical conditions, technical solutions and working documentation developed by Railcar-Building Engineering Centre group of companies as well as other enterprises.

Regarding the set term and the complexity of works, cooperation of several manufacture enterprises may be organised. Production Service may provide purchase and delivery of materials and components necessary for the wagon re-equipment, modernisation and repair. To produce non-standard nodes and details, the Service attracts enterprises with necessary equipment and qualified personnel.

The works for wagon re-equipment and their life-time extension are held simultaneously with scheduled repair (depot and capital ones), or with capital repair for the life-time extension. The repair is carried out at wagon repair enterprises (plants and depots), both incorporated in OAO RZD and owned by private companies.

Works are fulfilled in accordance with the orders of railcar owners or lessees. Production Service is the general contractor and acts as coordinator of work of Railcar-Building Engineering Centre group of companies (technical diagnostics, realisation of technical solutions, development and implementation of necessary projects), and manufacturing enterprises (introduction into a full-scale production and receiving all necessary permissions).

If wagon repair enterprises do not have the right to work with boilers for tank-wagons for hazardous cargo transportation, specialised enterprises, which have necessary equipment, specialists and all permissions and licenses.

The right for wagon repair with relevant formalities (introduction into the modernization codes) is adjusted with the Commission of the Railway Transport Council of plenipotentiary wagon economy specialists of railway administrations of the CIS and the Baltic states.

After necessary repair and modernisation is completed, the wagon owner receives a pack of documents necessary to be re-registered considering the repair, re-equipment, and extended life-time. The pack of such documents is formalised in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Agency of Railway Transport (the RF Ministry of Transport) and railway administrations of the CIS and the Baltic states. The Service assists to form applications for re-registration.

High professional level of works is provided by a team of specialists, who have a many-year experience of work at wagon repair enterprises. The Production Service has realised several dozens complex projects of rolling stock renovation for companies-wagon owners.


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