Expert Centre is an organisation specializing in examination of railway rolling stock and other technical facilities for railway transportation of freight, including hazardous cargo.

The Expert Centre is licensed by FSETAN (Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Nuclear Inspectorate) to carry out an expertise of industrial safety at objects of Kotlonadzor (Russian Industrial Boiler Inspectorate), objects of hazardous cargo transportation, and objects of chemical inspectorate ( 00--009688 and -00-008111), a certificate of the CIS Council for Railway Transport to carry out expert examination and technical diagnostics of wagons to define the residual life and give an expert opinion on the possibility to prolong the operational life-time. The Expert Centre incorporates an accredited nondestructive testing laboratory (accreditation certificates 68 A 190247, 89 A 190292).

The Expert Centre has accreditation certificates of expertise organization ( -02272, -02327) and testing laboratory (accreditation certificate /-00081) in Uniform System of conformance evaluation on objects of FSETAN. These accreditation certificates are confirmed quality of works and job skills of Expert Centre.

The basic activities are:

  • diagnostics of the technical condition of railcars and their nodes, basing and execution of the extension of the term of their safe exploitation;
  • expertise of industrial safety for basing and executing a permission to use technical devices at hazardous production facilities;
  • expertise of industrial safety to reason licensing an enterprise for a hazardous production object exploitation;
  • basing and making arrangements for getting a right for freight transportation by railway;
  • basing and making arrangements for registration of the changed structure of cargoes, which are allowed to be transported in one wagon;
  • participation in an arbitrage as an expert organisation if a case is concerned with manufacture and exploitation of railcars;
    v expert evaluation of the depreciated cost of railcars and their nodes.

Expert Centre has accumulated a significant experience in examining the project documentation for rolling stock and equipment for it, in inspecting the technical condition to evaluate the remaining life and define the terms of further safe exploitation in the sector of freight transportation by railway and road haulages. The expertise allows to decide on the opportunity of further safe exploitation, re-orientation or modernisation, and to define the reasons for damages of rolling stock.

Expert Centre fulfills the orders of Russian Railways JSC, Russian wagon building and wagon repair enterprises, rolling stock owners, companies operating in the sectors of railway and road transport, cargo loading/unloading.

All expertise works are carried out by qualified specialists, certified to fulfill the expertise. There are 6 certified experts and 14 certified specialists of the industrial safety system among the employees of Expert Centre. Specialists with Doctorate, Candidate, and Master degrees in technical sciences as well as engineers participate in the expertise.


Head of Expert Centre Sergey Merkushev

Tel.: +7(812)575-07-15
fax: +7(812)325-71-08

Railcar-Building Engineering Centre
108, Fontanka emb., Saint Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 325-61-40, Fax: +7 (812) 325-71-08

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